Lisez, vibrez !

Christel Le Coq

Foundeur & B.Sensory CEO

Erotic reading lover, I wanted to unite the power of words to the potential of connected objects to imagine a new way to read and take pleasure, solo or duo.

Because erotic literature is the one that triggers the best feelings,  I offer you the B.Sensory experience to go further in the game. Lisez, vibrez !

An internationally rewarded concept 

GPI d'argent - foire d'automne

The Little Bird is the first sex toy synchronised to an erotic reading application.
Thanks to it, words become caresses and reading becomes a real sensory experience .
An original concept awarded in Las Vegas of an CES Innovation Award in January 2016 in the  "Wearable technologies" category.


Vibrate freely !

The Little Bird was especially designed to allow you to use it wherever you want (at home or outside), whenever you want, very discreetly. Via the B.Sensory application, read your ebooks in the classic or "vibrating" mode or enjoy the 10 different vibrations thanks to the remote control.

Ideal for duo games no matter the distance

At the restaurant, at a party or to your mother-in-law, share a moment of intimacy with your partner. Next to you or on the other side of the world, a simple connexion will do to exchange vibrant messages and give him the control of the Little Bird.

After downloading for free the B.Sensory application on your smartphone or your tablet, choose a "vibrating" erotic novel and start the reading. 

Over the text, play with the words and your phone… A simple caress to reveal the text triggers the vibrations of the sex toy in harmony with the intensity of the story. At any time, you can change the vibrations or replay the sequence.

While reading in standard version, use the remote control directly from the ebook to vibrate whenever you want !


You can also simply use the "remote control" mode of the application to vibrate solo or duo.