Double toil and trouble

Erotic intensity : Hot

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"Erotic, and original, state-of-the-art science fiction." –Ernest Hogan
"A totally unique and truly fascinating voice." –Mike Resnick, Hugo and...

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"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." –Arthur C. Clarke * * * * She wanted to laugh ... no, she needed to laugh: a compressing, near-cramping fist in her stomach ... like a forcefully swallowed cough. It was just so silly. It might have been built, created, and most of all staged to be anything except ridiculous, but that didn't stop the laughter from struggling, then pounding, on the ribcage-lined walls of her chest to be released. What was worse was the pretentious metaphor that rattled in her skull along with the angrily confined giggle-fit: incense for a post-industrial service. But the languid smoke lazily curling up from the torn speaker that was a chalice; on an altar that was a chipped, dinged, and thoroughly battered piece of a car door; that indolently climbed past buzzing, flickering nixie tubes neatly set in steadily rising tiers along the far edge; did nothing to dispel the absurdity – especially when she saw them as pipe- organs for a pre-electronic cathedral... No, Beth corrected herself; that's not it. Better: the tubes were catholic cathodes in an electronic mass for recording headhunters...

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"Erotic, and original, state-of-the-art science fiction." –Ernest Hogan
"A totally unique and truly fascinating voice." –Mike Resnick, Hugo and Nebula Award winning science fiction author
At Last! M.Christian's Highly Anticipated Sequel to His Legendary Erotic Science Fiction collection The Bachelor Machine!
With The Bachelor Machine, M.Christian set the bar for erotic science fiction stories. Now he has returned to the genre with a brand new collection that will amaze as well as arouse: Skin Effect – tales that push the envelopes of both science fiction as well as erotica in innovative and stimulating ways. Here are stories voyaging to the near as well as the far future, exploring the ultimate limits of sex and arousal.
With an introduction by the Chicano science fiction legend Ernest Hogan (author of High Aztech and Cortez On Jupiter), the stories in Skin Effect – some never before seen – are beyond BDSM, beyond fetish, beyond kink ... and even beyond the limits of science fiction!
"M.Christian is a hybrid artist and knockout stylist on the order of Jonathan Lethem. Hard-boiled, sharp-edged, funny and fierce, his tales brim with unbridled imagination and pitch-perfect satire." –Jim Gladstone
"M.Christian is a writer who takes you for a long walk down a dark wet street at midnight. You can't get much more edgy and still be legal. His fiction never disappoints." –Nancy Kilpatrick, The Power of the Blood series and In the Shadow of the Gargoyle

ISBN 979-10-315-0259-5
EAN 9791031502595
Author M.Christian
Editor B.sensory
Publication date Jan 5, 2017
Intensity 4
Reading time (minutes) 15
Reading format Short Story
Episode No
Erotic intensity Hot

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