Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

The Little Bird is a sextoy (vibrating egg) that connects in Bluetooth to the B.Sensory application downloadable for free on your smartphone or tablet via the website.

    It offers you the possibility to :
  • read in the "vibrating" way erotic "augmented" texts available on the website and the B.Sensory application
  • vibrate solo thanks to the remote control fonction
  • play with your partner, short or long distance.


The Little Bird was designed for an external or vaginal use.

    Once your Little Bird is paired and ready to work :
  • wash carefully your Little bird with lukeharm water or soap and dry it with a soft cloth
  • open the application
  • "wake up" the Little Bird by shaking it briefly
  • make yourself comfortable and insert softly the round part of the Little Bird in your vagina.

To make it easier, we advise you to coat it with water-based lubricant and to put your index on the connector to push it. Once inserted, curve upward the tail of the Little Bird, in order to place it in front of your pubis.

First use :
    • charge your Little Bird (up to 12 hours) and let it plugged;
    • download the application on your tablet and /or smartphone and activate the Bluetooth mode
    • open the B.Sensory application and connect to it with the same username / password used for the website
    • choose the My Little Bird section;
    • unplugged your Little Bird and proceed to its pairing within 3 minutes following the disconnection;
    • push the pairing button

If the red warning up right switches to green, your Little Bird is paired !

If the warning stays red, your Little Bird is not paired. Try again the procedure of plugging / unplugging the charging cable and push again on the pairing button.


For the following uses :
  • make sure to activate the Bluetooth and WI-FI on your smartphone or tablet
  • open the B.Sensory application and pair your Little Bird if it is not automatically connected
  • if your Little Bird does not react immediately, shake it softly to "wake it up"

Remember to unpair your Little Bird with the button up right on your screen if you want to use a new toy.

To be noted : WI-FI is necessary to pair and unpair Apple devices.

To download the application on your Android smartphone/tablet, go on the Google Play :
In some parts of the world, it can be complicated to have access to the GooglePlay. In that case, you can download the application following these instructions :
  • Modify first the parameters of the device :
    • go to Parameters > Security;
    • check the Unknown Sources box;
    • validate with OK.

Once these steps done, you can download the application via this link : : l'apk

  • go to your downloads;
  • open the application;
  • confirm the installation by cliking on Install

On the website, the client account allows you to buy books and/or add them to your bookshelf, note them, give a commentary on them but also to find your history of orders, invoices and to manage your personal datas (shipment addresses, contact details, bank details, password...)

From the application, this account allows you to find the books bought and downloaded in your bookshelf but also to pair your Little Bird.

To be noted, for security reasons, the Little Bird can only be used with the account to whom it is paired.

This account is strictly personal.

You will find the remote control of the Little Bird in the home page or in the "vibrate alone" section available in the menu.

Ten modes of vibration are available. You can change the vibration by scrolling their name down the screen. Push on the button "stop" or "play" in the middle of the screen to stop or play the vibrations.

Change the intensity of the vibration by slipping your finger on the cursor.

The Little Bird can be synchronised with devices equipped with the Bluetooth 4.0 technology (BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy).

The B.Sensory application is downloadable for free on the website

    Generally speaking the application is compatible with :
  • iPhone 4S/5/5C/SE/6/6+ and further models
  • iPad 3 and following, iPad mini, iPad Air and further models
  • Android 4.3 OS smartphones/tablets and further models

However, on Android, some models with technical characteristics described do not allow an optimal display of the application.

    The application was successfully tested by our technical team on the following models :
  • Samsung - Galaxy J1 | 4.4.4
  • Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6
  • LG - G6 | 4.4.2
  • Nexus 5 et Nexus 7
  • Wiko Fever

The Little Bird meets all the health and security requirements, it is made in medical silicone, guaranteed free of phthalate.

Yes, the Little Bird can be bought on our website to offer it as a gift. You just need to specify the shipping address while you are ordering .

However, it is not yet possible to buy books or reading packs as gifts.

We recommend to wash the Little Bird with lukewarm water and soft soap after every use. You can also use special disinfectants sold in specialized shops.

Dry it well before storing it and check that there is no more lubricant on it.

Water prevents any communication between the application and the Little Bird, it can not be used while showering or having a bath.

It was not concived to be completely immersed.

To charge the battery of the Little Bird, insert the charging cable plug in the connector, under the Little Bird and the other extremity on an USB port or an AC/USB adaptator.

Only use the certified cable supplied B.Sensory.

Charge completely your Little Bird before its first use. (the first charging can last 12 hours, the followings are quicker).

To preserve the lifetime of your battery, avoid to store your Little Bird completely uncharged. If you plan not to use it for a long period or to transport it, we advise you to unpair it. In the "My Little Bird" section, you will fond the unpairing button up right the screen.

Do not store your Little Bird in a warm or cold spot.
For security reasons, the Little Bird can not be used while charging.

In the section "My Litlle Bird " of the B.Sensory application, an indicator up right of your screen allows you to know the loading status of the battery.

To be noted that this information is displayed only if Little Bird is paired.

Once the battery charged, your Little Bird can work for 1h30.

    Before contacting us, be sure that :
  • the Little Bird is charged enough
  • the Bluetooth of your smartphone / tablet works properly
  • the B.Sensory application is up to date

If the problem persists, please contact the customer service ( detailing as much as possible the problem encountered and the device (smartphone or tablet) used for your Little Bird (brand, model and system version).

Your Little Bird is under warranty for 1 year beginning date of purchase.

Once the return validated by our customer service, you can send us the defective product at B.Sensory / 149, rue Pierre Sémard - 29200 BREST

Once your return validated by our customer service, you will receive a prepaid label for you to post for free the defective product.

The books available on our website can be read only on a smartphone or tablet via the B.Sensory application.

The books bought on the website or downloaded for free via the application are stored in your bookshelf. You can access any moment to your bookshelf via the website in the my account section or via the section of your application.

In the application, many functionalities are available from the e-reader, in particular the change of the font and size of characters display. A night mode is also available. If you read a connected book, you can switch in classic mode to desactivate the vibrations and display the whole text without effects. These functionalities are available with the icon up right of your screen :

The remote control of your Little Bird is also available from the e-reader (down right the screen). It allows you to play with your Little Bird even while readind in the "classic" mode or to replay a sequence when you read a "connected" book.

To be noted, the ebooks files can not be downloaded on your computer, smartphone or tablet to be transfered in an other reading application or an e-reader.

The books can be only bought on the website

          To buy books :
        • go on the website, Bookstore section.
        • choose your book(s) by adding them to the cart and finalize the order.
        • after validation of your order, the books are automatically added to your bookshelf on the website.
        • on your smartphone and/or tablet, you will find all your purchases in the "My bookshelf" section of the application (if the synchronisation between the website and the application is not done automatically, push the synchronisation button top right of your screen.

If you have bought a reading pack, you can choose and add a book to your bookshelf without using our website.

Synchronisation button :

If you don't have have a reading Pack, you can add books you want from the application, with the "I want this book" button. You will find this selection on our website, and the process easily to the purchase.

The only way to buy books directly from an application is to contract with Apple and Google. This type of contract commands, not only a profit sharing on all the products sold but also a right of review on the publications. So, in order to keep the liberty to choose the works we offer you and to guarantee an economic model that allows us to pay the authors, we sale books only on our website.

But you can now choose books (B.Sensory Edition) via the application within the frame of a reading pack.

Only free books can be directly downloaded via the application.

    To download a free book :
  • consult the books selection in the "Bookstore".
  • select a book and push on the "Add to my bookshelf" button.

The book will be automatically added to your bookshelf.

For the charged books, consult the "How to buy books ?" section of this F.A.Q.

to be noted, the ebooks files can not be downloaded on your computer, smartphone or tablet to be transfered in an other reading application or an e-reader.

First be sure that you bought the book on the website with the same account connected to the application

If you just ordered on the website, once on the application, push the "synchronise" button to update your bookshelf. The "synchronize" button is located up right of your screen.

    To remove a book from the application, you just need to :
  • push on the Trash icon located up right of your screen.
  • select the books you want to remove and validate.


To remove a book is not definitive !

To be noted, the books will be removed only on the application. All your purchases are stored on our website in your customer account.

You have removed a book from the bookshelf in the l'application and want it back ? It is possible : To remove a book is not definitive.

To get back a removed book from your bookshelf, push on the "synchronize" button, down the Bookshelf section.


To remove books allows you to sort easily: Read books, books you want to read again, favorite authors ...

This functionality allows you to select books you want to read from the website and/or the application.

Find your wish list on the website to order more quickly and easily

Yes, if you have previously downloaded it in the bookshelf of your application.

No, the books can only be read on a smartphone or a tablet via the B.Sensory application.

No, the books on sale on our website can only be read on a smartphone or a tablet via the B.Sensory application.

The « reading Pack » offers allow you to read novels published by B.Sensory (in standard or connected version).

You have 6 months to use your available credits. You can buy several packs, the credits will be cumulated.

In the « My account » section on our website you will find all the information about your purchases and your packs (validity period, credits used, credits left...).

For contractual reasons, ebooks of partner publishers are not included in the Packs yet. You can still buy them per unit.

    The versions the books are indicated by these symbols :
  • : the standard version allows to read an ebook in the classical version.
  • : the connected version allows to read an ebook while enjoying your Little Bird. Every time you reveal, with one gesture of the finger a blurred part, your Little Bird will vibrate.

Yes, you can read connected novels without the Little Bird.

Open the chosen book in your application and thanks to the indicator up right of your screen, you can change the version of your novel.

A window will appear to allow you to switch to a standard version of the novel.

More than 400 erotic texts (in french or english) are available for the lovers. True publishing house, we offer new texts every weeks, reading advices, theme selections...

You can read a connected book in standard version, if you do not want to use the Little Bird while reading.

Open the book in your application and push on the symbol top right of your screen :

A window will appear anf will allow you to switch to a standard version of the novel.

However, if you buy a book in standard version, it is impossible to read it in connected version.

If you want to use your Little Bird while enjoying your book, you can activate the vibrations via the remote control of the Little Bird available down right of the text.

The authors and the publishers have selected a type of vibration and an intensity, that they have associated to the hottest parts of their novels.

But if you want to, you can take control of the remote to change the type or intensity of the vibration thanks to the remote symbol down right the screen. .

In accordance with our values, we respect your private life. We do not rent, we do not sell files with your personal datas.

The Little Bird do not collect any personal information, there is no captor in the Little Bird.
The only information sent by the object is the charge level of the battery that we then display in the application.

In addition, all the exchanges between the application and the Little Bird (remote control, stop of the vibrations...) are coded in order to guarantee the protection of all your datas.

For any other question, please contact us by email at
We will give you an answer as soon as possible