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Erotic intensity : Hot

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"Smart, taboo-breaking SF!" —Locus

Here are riveting as well as arousing tales of technology and desire, and arousal and innovation ... told in an...

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Outside, the city was a night sky of square stars. A galaxy of windows, a constellation of consumers among flashing, pulsing advertisements — product-placement nebulae. Smoke was standing, a rectangular sun of a different type, looking out at the spectacle of nighttime New York. He felt like he should be sneering, thinking something arrogant, like how he, behind this one window, wasn't just another sun, but rather a media prank nova, ready to blast the consumer galaxy of NYC with mind-blowing light. Yeah, something like that. Instead, he was really thinking how his new boots, nice though they were, were really killing his feet, that he only had $17.15 in his checking account ... and that he was really worried about Jayne. "Well, the Master has worked his magic," Truck said from where he was sprawled in a far corner of the tiny Times Square apartment, circuit board in his lap, a faint plume of gray smoke rising from the soldering iron in one hand. "All he needs now is for the talent to do its thing." Meaning Smoke and Jayne. "Give it a rest, will ya?" Smoke said, still looking out the window at the busy drones of NYC. "Hey, man, just laying it out, that's all. We've only got a day or so before someone notices my expert hacks. We've really got to do this thing and get the hell out before then."

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"Smart, taboo-breaking SF!" —Locus

Here are riveting as well as arousing tales of technology and desire, and arousal and innovation ... told in an engaging and evocative style guaranteed to amaze as well as excite. Down and out hustlers, enhanced sex workers, enigmatic aliens, bleeding edge erotic technologies, and more — The Bachelor Machine is a unique vision of the future, while celebrating humanity's oldest pleasure ... sex!
"There are only two people in the world I envy. One is the late Roger Zelazny, whose talent for an almost jazz improvisational way of writing I could never match. The other is M. Christian, for writing exactly what I’d write if only I could get off my ass. Which is to say, raunchy hallucinatory sexfuture dreams that never fail to arouse me and kick me in the gut at the same time." —Cecilia Tan

"M.Christian is one hell of a writer. A no-holds-barred storyteller, he embraces his reader at the start and doesn’t let go until long after the end." —Mari Adkins, Apex Publications

"There is an uncommon variety of material in here, from cyberpunk to space opera, alternative history to dystopia. The science-fictional settings are manifold, as are the sexual positions and inclinations — there’s something in this book for everyone."
—Johann Carlisle, Future Fire

ISBN 979-10-315-0179-6
EAN 9791031501796
Author M.Christian
Editor B.sensory
Publication date Aug 4, 2016
Intensity 4
Reading time (minutes) 10
Reading format Short Story
Episode No
Erotic intensity Hot

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